2015 WSBPA
20th Annual Jackpot Classic
Las Vegas, Nevada
June 1st, 2nd, & 3rd, 2015

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Washington State

Bowling Proprietors’ Association

2014-2015 Season



WSBPA 20th Annual Jackpot Classic

“A Spectacular Finale to a 20 Year Promotion”


WSBPA 20th Annual Jackpot Classic

Table of Contents:     Page 4
Letter of Introduction: Organizational Committee Chair Page 5  
Welcome Letter The Orleans Hotel Casino Page 6  
League Format Details Page 7  
Tournament Events Details Page 8  
The Orleans Hotel Sample Rates Page 9  
No-Shows & Substitutes: Details Page 10  
Prize $$$: Doubles Summary Page 11  
League & Tournament Rules: Pages 12 -13  
Awards Party New Time Page 14  
Become an Ambassador Page 15  
Questions Answers Page 16  
$10,000 Shoot-Out All New @ Red Rock Page 17  
9 Pin No-Tap Monday, June 1st Page 18  
List of Changes     Page 19  


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July, 2014

Fellow Proprietors & League Managers:

After 20 years, it’s time for to put the WSBPA Jackpot Classic to bed. But before we do, let’s throw a party to end all parties and go out with a bang in 2015!

The Annual WSBPA Jackpot Classic is a league and tournament promotion that will celebrate its 20th and final year during the 2014-2015 bowling season.

Since 1995, participating bowling centers throughout the Pacific Northwest have used this league format to generate more than $3 million in league lineage while providing their league bowlers a fun, fast-paced and financially rewarding experience.

More than $950,000 in  prize money has been awarded with EVERY BOWLER receiving a minimum of $40 in cash when they check-in to bowl in the singles, doubles and team event. NO OTHER TOURNAMENT anywhere can match our record!

The WSBPA Jackpot Classic reward bowlers with an opportunity to share in a terrific prize fund (based on 250 doubles teams).  We divide the competition into two divisions based on team average, with a top prize of $2,000, PAID to EACH DIVISION, IN CASH at the end of the three-day tournament in Las Vegas, June 1-2-3, 2015, at The Orleans Hotel Casino.

We’ve also added an all-new, fast paced, short, 2 game, 12 week league option enabling any center to floor a league to fill an available time slot.

The enclosed materials outline how your center can take advantage of this league opportunity where Every Bowler in Every League has an opportunity to travel to Las Vegas and Every Bowler can be a Cash Winner based on their bowling skills and “a little luck!”

Please join us for this FINAL season and reap the rewards of increased league revenue, increased bowler excitement and more bowlers singing the praises of league bowling at your center.


Greg Olsen – Executive Director - WSBPA
WSBPA Jackpot Classic



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July, 2014

Dear Bowling Proprietors and League Officers:

Welcome to the WSBPA Jackpot Classic at The Orleans Hotel Casino in Las Vegas! Your association is to be commended for its 20 year history with this exceptional event.

On behalf of The Orleans Hotel & Casino and our beautiful facility, just a short FREE shuttle ride to “The Strip,” may I express a warm “welcome back” to you and your league customers as we look forward to again hosting the successful conclusion of your 2014 - 2015 bowling season.

With 1,886 rooms, The Orleans is a popular local destinations in Las Vegas. The casino boasts more than 2,500 slot machines, table games, keno and poker rooms. Our modern 70 lane bowling center welcomes your bowlers with a terrific staff, great scoring conditions and the friendliest cocktail servers in “Vegas.”  18 movie screens and 12 restaurants too!

AND…. Again in 2015, we’ve extended a fantastic room rate of JUST $39 per room per night (plus taxes) for two per room Sunday through Thursday and $89 for Friday and Saturday evenings.

AND, we provide a FREE shuttle service to “The Strip” and to our sister hotel The Gold Coast Hotel hourly up to midnight. AND every bowler c an earn up to $40 in casino match play coupons by booking your room with us for your 2015 event.

We look forward to welcoming you and your league bowlers back to The Orleans on June 1-3, 2015.

Best wishes for a most successful league season.


Mike Kaufmann, General Manager
The Orleans Bowling Center
The Orleans Hotel Casino



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League Format:

Your center may organize your leagues to best fit any time slot, any ability level or any combination of team members from doubles and trios to four and five person teams.

PLUS: Any two bowlers from ANY league in your center can sign-up in September to compete in this event. It’s your choice. You may also run weekly or monthly sweepers awarding an entry into the tournament based on the numbers of entries received.

At the finals in Las Vegas, June 1-3, 2015, all bowlers must first compete as doubles teams. Bowlers may then elect to compete a second time with a different partner to increase their chances to win some of the $50,000 prize fund (based on 250 doubles teams).  Bowlers may also elect a third,  fourth, fifth and even a 6th and 7th option:  a 9 pin no-tap event at the fabulous Red Rock Resort on Monday, June 1st and a $10,000 Shoot-Out at Red Rock that same day. (see page 19 for details).

All entries close on April 15, 2015, and will be split into two doubles teams’ divisions, two four person team divisions and two singles divisions based on all entering averages.




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Tournament Events

All bowlers in all leagues will contribute to the cost of the tournament as follows:

All entry fees are due and payable by April 15th, 2015.

 Summary of Events:

* $35 franchise fee per bowler for each day bowled (June 2nd and June 3rd)

* 9 Pin No-Tap / Red Rock: Monday, June 1st (11 am) $60 per person

* $10,000 Shoot-Out / Red Rock, Monday, June 1st (11 am) $130 per person

* Mystery Doubles: $60 per bowler: Monday, June 1st: 8:00 p.m.

* Original Doubles Entry: $100 per bowler: Tuesday, June 2nd

* 2nd Chance Doubles Entry: $85 per bowler: Tuesday, June 2nd

* 4 Person Team Event: $85 per bowler: Wednesday, June 3rd

* Singles Event: $85 per bowler: Wednesday, June 3rd

* All-Events: $30 per bowler: (1st doubles score, plus team & singles scores)

* Awards Ceremony: $40 per person (Guests): Wednesday, June 3rd

(Event entry fees include prize fund, tournament expenses and bowling fees).

Your center and your league will establish your own weekly lineage fees.

League lineage fees in the Pacific Northwest have averaged $15.00 - $40.00 per bowler dependent on the starting time and day of the week. (this figure typically includes weekly lineage, $3.00 per bowler to cover each bowlers 1st doubles entry fee and perhaps a small amount toward a league prize fund…but you and your league set the weekly rate).



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The Orleans Hotel Room Rates for 2015!

The Orleans Hotel Casino in Las Vegas has extended attractive room rates of $39 per room (single or double occupancy, plus tax), for Sunday through Thursday stays and $89 per room plus taxes for Friday and Saturday night stay, to all bowlers, spouses and guests attending the WSBPA Jackpot Classic.

Rooms can be reserved BEGINNING IN DECEMBER, 2014.

On-line: @ http://www.orleanscasino.com/groups

Use the Group Identification: A3JPC05

Rooms in our Jackpot Classic group block MUST be made on or before May 1, 2015.

Bowlers may elect to secure their own airfare and hotel accommodations but PLEASE encourage  as many bowlers as possible to stay at The Orleans Hotel Casino and make their reservations with our special group code listed above. We have a room block minimum we MUST meet to avoid additional fees.

The Orleans Hotel Casino will  provide FREE  shuttle service to “The Strip” hourly up to midnight nightly.



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No-Shows in Las Vegas & Substitutes:

In the event a bowler or complete team is unable to compete in the tournament in Las Vegas,  the $85 - $100 per bowler entry fee is refunded at the rate of 50%, provided notification is made at least two weeks before the tournament. For refunds on airfare and hotel accommodations, check with your local travel agent or directly with the airline and hotel.

NO entry fees refunds after May 21, 2015.


In the event a bowler is unable to participate due to illness, injury or personal emergency, the bowler’s teammate may pick-up a substitute from their league or from any other center sending competitors to the WSBPA Jackpot Classic.

The tournament is divided into two divisions of doubles all bowling on Tuesday, June 2, 2015,   based on the entering averages of all teams. 50% of all teams compete in the “A” division (top half of all teams based on average). Identical payout in each division, in each event.

50% of all teams each day will compete in the “B” division (lower half of all teams based on average).  The top 50% of all doubles teams, in each division, will receive prize money paid in cash at the awards party Wednesday, June 4th at The Orleans Casino at 4:30 p.m.



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TOTAL: $12,000

(based on 250 doubles teams / 500 people)



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League and Tournament Rules:

Each participating center and each participating league may adopt their own playing rules during their season. At the Jackpot Classic finals June 1-3, 2015, the following rules will prevail:

“2015 WSBPA Jackpot Classic” Tournament Rules

1.     The tournament will be sanctioned through the USBC. Entries close April 15, 2015.

2.     There will be no additional cost to the teams for the tournament in Las Vegas. (All fees are paid in advance).

3.     50% of all bowlers will cash in Las Vegas in each event entered, (except Mystery Doubles and the 9 pin-no tap event which have a 1 for 3 payout ratio). Payout ratio does not apply to the $10,000 Shoot-Out, June 1, 2015, at Red Rock Lanes.

4.     Doubles team handicap will be 100% versus the highest entering doubles team average. Team event will use 100% handicap versus the highest entering team average and the singles tournament will use 100% handicap versus the highest entering singles bowler’s average.

5.     The average used in the Jackpot Classic Finals in Las Vegas will be the bowlers’ highest WSBPA Jackpot Classic League average as of April 1, 2015, unless their 2013-2014 book average, or another 2014-2015 league average of 21 games or more is 10 or more pins higher. If so, the higher average less five pins will be used. Bowlers who have previously finished in the top 10 in previous year’s Jackpot Classic may be re-rated under USBC and WSBPA Jackpot Classic Tournament Manager’s discretion. Bowlers previously cashing within the top ten spots in either of the previous two years Jackpot Classic may also be re-rated based on their scores and entering averages in 2011 / 2012 / 2013 and/or 2014 under USBC rules.

6.     To be eligible to bowl or substitute in Las Vegas, you must be a regular member on a league in a BPAA member center in WA, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, California or Alaska. If you have less than 21 games bowled in the your local Jackpot Classic league, you MUST use another average of 21 games or more from the 2014-2015 season. No blind scores will be allowed. MUST bowl doubles first to be eligible to bowl the team or singles events, 9 pin no-tap or $10,000 Shoot-Out events.

7.     Prize fund will be returned at the awards party, Wednesday, June 3rd, after all scores have been officially verified. The event will take place at 4:30 p.m. at a cost of $40 for additional guests which includes 1 drink ticket and a food buffet. (tournament bowlers – no additional cost).

8.     Doubles teams will be divided into two equal divisions based on the combined team averages. Teams in the top half with the higher averages will compete in Division A and teams with  lower averages will bowl in Division B. An equal prize fund will be paid to each division. The four person team event will have two divisions if 50+ teams are entered. The singles division will also have two divisions by average based on 150 entries.

9.     The tournament directors retain the right to settle any/all differences that may arise.



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2015 WSBPA Jackpot Classic Shoot-Out:   Official Rules:

1.       To be eligible to compete in the “Invitation Only,” 2015, 20th annual WSBPA Jackpot Classic $10,000 Shoot-Out, you must participate in the doubles event of the tournament being held Tuesday, June 2, 2015.

2.       The $10,000 Shoot-Out will be limited to the first 100 paid entries with a minimum average of 150. Should entries exceed 100, a 2nd 100 person field will be targeted to compete.

3.       Average to be used in the $10,000 Shoot-Out will be the bowler’s highest official league average from the 2014-2015 season, as of April 1, 2015. If any official league average of 21 games or more from the 2013-2014 season is 10 or more pins higher than the current April 1, 2015, that previous season average less 5 pins will be used. No entries will be accepted unless a bowler can provide a minimum of two consecutive years averages during the 2014-2014 and 2014-2015 bowling seasons of 21 games or more. No exceptions. Bowlers re-rated Jackpot Classic averages over the past years may also be used at the discretion of tournament management.

4.       Entry fee: $100 per person along with a $30 franchise fee covering meals, transportation from The Orleans Hotel to Red Rock Lanes along with bowling fees.  A $25 deposit will be due and payable by October 31, 2014. Balance due in full by April 15, 2015.

5.       The $10,000 Shoot-Out will be held on Monday, June 1, 2015, at the Red Rock Bowling Center in Nevada.

6.       The $10,000 Shoot-Out will be certified and sanctioned through the United States Bowling Congress (USBC).

7.       100% handicap versus highest entering average.

8.       Format: 3 games of qualifications. Bowlers then paired in a single game, head-to-head, single elimination match. Top seed versus 50th seed. 51st seed versus 100th seed, etc. 2nd seed versus 49th. 52nd seed versus 99th etc. After the first 3 games of qualifications, all head-to-head matches will be determined by a random blind drawn throughout all remaining rounds.

9.       Single game, single elimination matches continue until field reduced to the final 3 bowlers. Ties will be broken by an additional one game roll-off.

10.   Final 3 bowlers roll one additional game with top two scores advancing to the Championship Match.

11.   Championship Match: two remaining bowlers roll one final game, high score with handicap crowned 2015 -  Jackpot Classic $10,000 Shoot-Out Champion.



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Awards Party:

All bowlers, from all squads, from all centers will be invited to the awards party where the top 50% of all doubles teams, four-person teams and singles entries in each division will be awarded their additional prize money. Guests are welcome to attend at a charge of: ($40), payable no later than May 1, 2015.

All bowlers will receive one complimentary drink ticket for cocktails, beer, wine, soft drinks plus food in a buffet format.

The awards party will take place on Wednesday June 3rd at 4:30 p.m. in the Mardi Gras Ballroom at The Orleans Hotel.



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Questions / Answers:


How much do I have to charge my bowlers each week?


The beauty of this league promotion is your league members have a variety of options from which to select. You’ll determine your own center’s weekly lineage fee, you may elect to add in $100 per bowler to cover their first doubles entry fee.  Weekly fees have ranged from $15.00 - $40.00 per week based on your location and which events each bowler wishes to enter and pay for over the course of the bowling league season.


Every bowler cashes at the tournament, correct?


YES, every bowler will receive $40 in cash when they check-in to bowl singles, doubles and team events. PLUS, 50% of all bowlers will receive additional cash in Las Vegas in the 3 main events (singles, doubles and team), plus a 1 for 3 ratio will be used for Mystery doubles and the 9 pin no-tap event. 25% will cash in the $100,000 Shoot-Out 


We heard there is a $35 per bowler franchise fee for each day we bowl?


Yes, the $35 fee per day, remains and covers bowling center lineage at The Orleans, drink tickets, food buffet and tournament expenses.


We frequently travel to Las Vegas and receive special rates at another hotel. Are we obligated to stay at The Orleans Hotel Casino?


We face significant penalties financially if we do not meet our room reservation block. The Orleans again this year is providing a fabulous room rate of $39 for two people in the room…we hope everyone will consider staying at The Orleans which is just a short shuttle ride on a FREE  bus to The Strip. ($89 per room: Friday & Saturday). All-new for 2015, bowlers who book their rooms at The Orleans will receive up to $40 in special gaming match-play coupons.


What can I do to best estimate the costs of travel from our area to Las Vegas?


Go on-line to research the best current package prices for airfare and hotel in Las Vegas. Increase these package prices by 20%-25%. Come January, 2015, the airlines will be able to confirm their rates. You may have to slightly adjust your weekly league fees up or down once your travel costs have been confirmed. Research rates on-line each month for best deals! 2014 airfare averaged $250 plus baggage fees.


What averages will our bowlers use at the tournament in Las Vegas?


Bowlers will use their highest ending average in a Jackpot Classic League for the 2014-2015 season AS OF APRIL 1, 2015,  UNLESS, another 2014-2015 season average or 2013-2014 season ending average is 10 pins or more higher. In that case, the highest average, LESS five pins will be used. Bowlers may be re-rated based on their performance in the Jackpot Classic Tournament in 2011, 2012, 2013 or 2014.

A bowler MUST have a minimum of 21 games bowled in a Jackpot Classic League to be eligible to bowl in Las Vegas or a 21 game average in another 2014-2015 season league plus an average from the previous season.

Q: Is this a scratch or handicap event?

A:  Definitely handicap. We’ve found that a high percentage of people attracted to this league format are novice league bowlers. (Scratch bowlers may find this format too challenging having to spot pins to all lower average bowlers). The tournament and weekly competition are not as important to them as having fun and looking forward to a mini-vacation at the end of the season.

The handicap system used is 100% handicap versus the highest entering doubles team average. Every year we have approximately 10% of the bowlers with averages in excess of 210. A minimum entering average has been established at 100. (200 for a doubles team).

Q:   How do you determine which division our bowlers are assigned to and how is the prize money paid?

A:  Each day, bowlers only compete against the teams bowling that day. There is NO carry-over of scores from day to day. (Except to determine our 2015 All-Events Champions). Each event is a separate tournament divided into two divisions based on the entering averages of all teams.

We determine the mid-point of all teams bowling in all squads that day and split the field down the middle with 50% of the teams in the top average division and 50% in the lower average division. The mid-point, doubles team average, has averaged between 330-340 each year. 

The advantage of this format, is NO team is receiving more than approximately 100 pins in handicap per game. Spread over three games, this gives both the higher and lower average bowlers a fair opportunity to be successful.


Can our bowlers enter the tournament more than once? We have several multiple league bowlers that would like more chances to bowl?


Yes. Again in 2015, bowlers may enter the doubles event a second time. However, they must do so with a different doubles partner.  The entry fee for their second doubles opportunity is $85 per bowler, due and payable no later than April 15, 2015. 

AND again in 2015,  we’ll have both a four person TEAM Division AND a Singles competition. (Every bowler must FIRST bowl the regular doubles format, then they will be eligible to bowl either a 2nd chance doubles entry with a different partner, or enter the four-person team event and/or singles). The Team and Singles Divisions will compete on Wednesday, June 3rd and is limited to 70 four-person teams and 210 singles entries.

Both the 2nd chance doubles and Team and Singles Divisions entry fees will also be $85 per bowler, which includes tournament prize fund and tournament expenses 

New events for 2015 include a $10,000 Shoot-Out Monday, June 1st at Red Rock Lanes and a slot machine tournament, also at Red Rock.





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ALL-NEW 2015!



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AND…BACK For 2015

9 Pin No-Tap Extravaganza at the Red Rock Resort

$60 per person entry fee includes bowling, round-trip
deluxe motorcoach from The Orleans Hotel to Red Rock,
food and prize $$$.

Monday, June 1, 2015 / 11:00 a.m.

And a slot machine tournament after bowling!


Q: If we have additional questions once we begin our league, is there a place to call to get our questions answered?

A: Our headquarters in the Seattle area has a toll-free number: 1-800-736-BOWL. Feel free to call with a specific question. Remember to leave a detailed message including your name and telephone number and e-mail address. You may also e-mail your questions to: greg@wsbpa.org  our website at: www.wsbpa.org (click on “The 2015 Jackpot Classic”).


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2015 Summary of Changes

* Entry fees revert back to one fee for all bowlers for each event. No discounted rates. Everyone receives $40 at check-in for singles, doubles and team events.  

  1. Bowlers will no longer wait in long lines to receive their additional prize money at the conclusion of the awards ceremony. The League Secretary, Bowling Proprietor, or League directors will be given envelopes to distribute to your league members right at your own tables AFTER the top awards have been presented from the stage.


  1. The $35 per day franchise fee system will stay in place as we’ve used every year.


  1. $10,000 Shoot-Out at Red Rock Lanes on Monday, June 1st (you must be registered in the doubles event on June 3rd to be eligible)


  1. Become a Jackpot Classic Ambassador. By recruiting NEW bowlers to join us in Las Vegas, you can earn rewards including $40 dinner voucher, complimentary ticket to Blue Man Group, as well as, your 1st doubles entry COMPLIMENTARY! The more NEW bowlers you recruit to join us in Las Vegas, the more rewards you will receive.


·        Recruit one new bowler you’ll receive a $40 foods voucher good at The Orleans Hotel Casino

·        Recruit 3 new bowlers and you’ll receive the $40 food voucher AND (1) complimentary ticket to see the Blue Man Group.

·        Recruit 5 or more bowlers and you’ll get $40 voucher, Blue Man Group ticket AND your first doubles entry FREE!


This is the 20th and FINAL year of the Jackpot Classic Promotion. Your support and participation has been greatly appreciated.


Watch for an exciting new promotion for the
2015-2016 bowling season.



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